Divinity knows no boundaries. Remote attunements & learning to heal via online Reiki courses is a glorious gift 🙂

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I’m not surprised by the puzzled looks given when I answer the question of “How do you heal others around the world and teach your students?” with: at a distance and online!

energyI realize not everybody understands that the distance between you and me is minuscule in the eyes of our Universe, and even teenier and tinier if we start looking at everything in context with the mysterious quantum realm.

But, some people will always question the effectiveness of something that’s not physically in front of them, you know, that whole “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality. As opposed to my mentality of “I’ll see it when I believe it!”  In saying that, I get why people question remote healing and online learning because they’ve been trained to believe that attendance is necessary – be it for schooling or healing – in order for anything to actually happen.

It’s there, you just can’t see it.

However I find this old thought pattern perplexing and amusing. We now have The Mighty Internet and email – and phones which are “smarter” (I say that sarcastically) than us because they know where the closest cafe is and how to re-route us past construction on the highway!

There’s information about everything, everywhere, traveling to and fro in a split second! But we don’t see it happening. Sure, there’s coding and technology behind it, blah blah blah. But do you see the electricity that turns the light switch on? Nope. You just believe it’s there because there are results, such as the light turning on.

So, just because I’m talking about remote healing or distance learning, why all the skepticism? If the results are there, just like with that light switch, or that email in your inbox, or a million other things that happen in our day that we can’t physically see – shouldn’t we have gained more trust in the invisible? Yeah! I think so, too!

I feel the scoffing of online learning and distance healing nowadays is more about one’s distrust. A distrust of the teacher or healer, or a distrust in the person’s own commitment to truly learn their trade or receive the healing – rather than the actual medium it’s performed in.

How do you know?

Despite all that, taking online Reiki courses or receiving a distance attunement may not be for everybody, because some people distancemuch prefer the physical connection of going to a classroom, speaking with their mentors, or being in the same space as their healer – and you know, I honour and respect that! 🙂

But to me, giving healing sessions and learning from a distance is the ‘case-in-point’ example of how that marvelous energy healing actually works! The focus through meditation, visualization and sustained belief are at the core of what an energy healer does.

When you achieve a higher level or skill, or feel the energy from the healer – it’s awe-inspiring because you know it’s true! How? Because it’s just you in the experience – nobody else’s interpretation, nobody else’s influence – just you. It’s like that light switch – you know it’s real because you feel the results.

But, is it right for you?

To work out if learning Reiki online – or receiving a distance healing attunement – is right for you, I ask you do one simple thing:

Go within and trust that inner instinct you have.

The instant reaction you feel, when you’re in that space, will tell if you’re ready to take up distance education or healing. If you find you’re constantly battling with the answer, then don’t force it. It’s not right for you right now.

On the other hand, if you go within and are all aglow with excitement about learning online or getting a remote healing, then it’s probably ideal for you!

energy1Let your energy flow.

For those budding healers (of which, I believe we all are, so let me re-phrase)….

For those healers who are willing to start budding, with a well thought out course, support and tools – along with a mentor who is always available to answer questions – trust your instinct and go for it!

And for the sweet souls who are ready to receive loving energy healing, in person or at a distance – be still, be quiet – even if for only a moment, and your healer will appear. And when they do, be open to receiving that supportive, loving energy they send your way!

So, whether you’re looking to be healed, or to heal, let your loving energy flow my friends, our world needs it! 🙂 Namaste, Melissa xo

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