It may be comfortable, but procrastination is holding you back from your dreams!

At some time or another in life we’ve experienced some level of procrastination. Whether it’s getting up early to go to work and you just roll over back to sleep because you just don’t want to go.  Or perhaps there’s a report or some sort of project you have to do and you keep putting it off because you just have this image in your mind that it’s a big mountain to surmount. You know, this sort of behaviour is natural, we all have a little bit of procrastination in our lives. I think it’s just part & parcel of our existence.

Your road block.

However, there comes a point where procrastination actually gets in the way of life. When I talk about procrastination, I’m not saying you don’t have dreams, or hopes, or aspirations – we all have plenty of that! After all, you can just close your eyes and see yourself wherever you want to be, or doing whatever you want to do!

What procrastination does is put a big block right in front of your ability to drive forward to where you want to go. So in fact, procrastination itself is the big block that creates the inaction in your life. You can sit there and look past the block, and say to yourself, “How come all these other people out there are doing all these amazing things?” or “How come that person is successful? Happy? Healthy? Wealthy? And not me?

You’re likely thinking, “Here I am, with all those same hopes and dreams – and I’m trying to do things in my life to succeed and better my position – but why can’t I get there?”You can thank your (not so) good ol’ friend, procrastination.

When did it become your friend?

But why do we procrastinate?  Of course, some people procrastinate more than others. But why are you experiencing a level of procrastination that’s actually blocking you from where you want to go? Well, I actually think it’s related to self-sabotage, which is from something you picked up earlier in life.  Perhaps as an infant or a child, something happened, whether you were conscious of it or not, that something dropped into your being – into your subconscious – and planted a self-defense mechanism to keep you from experiencing something bad, or negative.

To quickly explain that a little more: just like all creatures, when we’re young we have an instinctual drive to learn so we survive. As humans we can learn very quickly, so when we see the actions of our parents or our caregivers, or hear the words they say – even if we don’t understand the words – we understand the tones and the energy levels surrounding us, that immediate learning is a survival instinct.

And from that, we copy, we mimic, and we immediately learn how to put up blocks, build walls, and arm up the defenses to ensure we don’t get hurt, to ensure we don’t have a bad experience – so we can survive.

For example, say you grew up in a household where the lack of money was always in focus. All you heard, all you saw, and all your experienced revolved around the lack of money: “there isn’t enough money”, “if only we had more money” , “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “wealthy people don’t deserve it”, or “people who get a lot of money are crooks” – and so on.

What ends up happening, even as a little kid without the full comprehension of what your family may be saying, the negative energy and feeling associated with money drops down into your subconscious as part of that survival mechanism.

So whether or not your realise it, as you go through life, you end up thinking and feeling “money is scarce” , “people with a lot of money don’t deserve it and aren’t good people” or “to get a lot of money you have to scam people”.

While you have the drive, or the dreams, or the aspirations to become, say, a successful singer, or a wealthy doctor, or whatever it might be – deep down you have this feeling that “If I do become that, I become that bad person”. You aren’t ‘frontal lobe’ thinking it in your head because you’re conscious thoughts are “I want and am striving for that”.  But deep down, in that spot where you learned about money so long ago, that part of you is saying “Don’t do it, because if you do, you’ll become that negative [fill in the blank]”.  That’s when the seed of procrastination got planted to one day stop your goals and in your aspirations to achieve what you want.

OMG! What do I do then?

You actually need to face the fact there’s some sort of sabotage that’s creating the procrastination and not blame it on something else. The inaction starts with you, therefore the action starts with you, too!

What I’d actually like to do now is give you two simple things to do – I’m starting small because it’s important to not overload yourself when rectifying and triumphing something as deeply rooted as self sabotage. It will take time for you to get used to the habit of undoing that learning.

If it’s easier to record this on your smart phone and listen to it as you fall asleep, or say it mentally so your partner doesn’t think you’re crazy, then feel free to do so!

The first thing: Say this affirmation as you fall asleep: I am worthy

You may want to extend that affirmation with whatever particular goal you have in mind; for example, I am worthy of my mother’s love.  Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re striving for, but you just know you want to move forward in life, simply saying “I am worthy” as you fall asleep will start to shift that deeply-rooted learning – that you aren’t worthy – out of your subconscious.

Do this for about a week, and remember to do it as you fall asleep!

The second thing: Say that same affirmation as you wake up: I am worthy.

Again, so this for about a week, every morning as you wake up.

Doing these two steps doesn’t take any more time in your day or any physical exertion, it’s something you can simply add into your routine. Do you think you can give this a try?

I would love to know how you go after a week or two of doing this, how much you’ve progressed with your goals, and how much you’ve been able to overcome those self-sabotaging things you do that keep your procrastination in place – and to be able to shift those blocks over to make some headway.

After you’ve given this a try, feel free to leave a comment here to let me know how you went! Until next time my friends, big love! #biglove

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19 thoughts on “What’s holding you back? Steps to help un-procrastinate yourself!”

  1. hi Melissa, this has been helpful, i’ll see that i’ll implement it tonight. i’m enjoying your blog very much. i’m working hard on true forgivensess right now. i love your Reiki class too. having you im my life has had a wonderful and positive impact already and it’s only been a month.
    reading the comments from other earth travelers has been fantastic too. so many good insights, they are truly appreciated as well.
    love & light

  2. Hi Melissa, this is just the advise I need right now as I’m embarking on an entirely new direction in life. I want to re-orientate my life and devote it to healing people and help them advance on their spiritual path. Procrastination has always been my worthy opponent. I’m sure that just like all our negative aspects it’s just an immensely positive power in disguise, that once you learn to tap into has te ability to be life changing in a very positive way. So, I will definitely start tonight with this exercise and hopefully I find out quickly what positive message the procrastinator in me is willing to share with me. Can’t wait to start the exercise! Awesome!
    Much gratitude and Loads of Love,
    Luc xxx

    1. Hi Luc, thank you so much for stopping by – and I’m so proud that you’re taking this positive, forward step in your life! I know you can do it! Keep shining sweet friend! #biglove

  3. I am going to try this from tonight. Procrastination is a huge thing for me. This article sounds so much like myself.

  4. Great post! My theory is that most people self sabotage because deep down they really don’t want to achieve their goal and all the responsibility that comes along with it. I think it’s because it’s easier (and perhaps more gratifying) to have tried and failed, and earn the right to complain about how fate is to blame for their own misfortunes. This is essentially how fear of success manifests itself. Furthermore our society glorifies and glamorizes victims and underdogs to such an extent that people might even get an endorphin hit when they can see themselves as said victim and therefore will subconciously be driven toward that path of failure.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post Kamal! I think your theory is very relevant! You’re very insightful and I agree! Thank you so much! Big love xo

  5. I actually just needed to say this once today to kick off some activity with some courses I had been procrastinating about finishing… Well I finished one and I’m midway through the next. By saying I was worthy I immediately released some resistance. I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can get on with! Thank you so much for this simple but very effective tool.

  6. Thank you Melissa for Posting … I had to look over my shoulder several times cause this was spot on and TALKING right to my inner being… Message Well Received Loud and Clear xo Big Love #truth

    1. Thank you Emily for taking the time to watch/listen/read and you’re most welcome! Strive forward my friend and shine that beautiful light of yours! #biglove

      1. Still doing this morning & evening mantra… it has been super helpful in my day to day as I now happen to recognize during the course of my day, quicker and with greater awarenss now, when I an thinking or making a self comment that contradicts that statement and fact that I AM worthy… Thank You!! xo Light and Love sent Your Way

  7. That made so much sense! Hadn’t considered the negative programming to success or achievement.. I have so much study to get through including with you, which I am very excited about so will apply myself more positively. Thankyou ❤

    1. Thank you so much for leaving this kind comment Janeen and you’re welcome – I’m glad it made sense to you! And please remember you can take your time with my courses, just keep moving forward at your own pace and progress! #biglove

  8. My wife tells me I am the ace procrastinator and yes , I am now going to cease Procrastinating ,
    Thanks Melissa

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read/watch/listen to my blog Harold – and you’re most welcome! I’m glad to hear you’re going to strive forward now! #biglove to you! xo

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