Positive affirmations are not the power, but the keys to unlock yours.

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There are quite a few people in our world who scoff at the idea of saying affirmations, likening them to a type of self “lie”. They wonder, how can you say things, even if they’re positive, about yourself when you know they’re not true? I understand how someone can come to that point of view; however I don’t agree with it one bit.

riding-a-bike-compressedIt’s like riding a bike.

Let me compare this to an everyday instance: riding a bike. When you first learned how to ride a bike, you probably fell over and grazed your knee a few times (and if you were anything like me, quite a few times!). So what caused you to get back up and try again? Did you try once, fail, then kick your bike to the curb?

Or were there internal words of encouragement or discouragement going through your mind? Were you thinking “You suck at this, you’d better give up now”? If those were the words, they would’ve sent you running to your mother’s bosom, and not lifted you up to try, try, try again – until you finally pushed off with success. Odds are there were words of encouragement there, be they fully formed in your mind or not, or you might have just had a feeling to give it another shot, or perhaps there was somebody else was cheering you on – whatever it was, the positive encouragement indeed made you throw your leg back over that bike and pedal forward.

Affirming helps us learn to ride again.

Affirmations work in the same way. If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, will you just ‘kick your bike to the curb’ and walk away? Perhaps you’re one of those people who does just that, but I’m pretty sure the ensuing self talk doesn’t do you any good for the rest of the day. And if you read my What do water, snowflakes and you have in common? blog, you’ll know that that negativity will also affect you physically.

So, just like the little you and your first bike, when you face the mirror you must try, try, try and utter the words “I am beautiful”. That positive affirmation, despite how awkward and unnatural it may feel at first, will help you learn to ‘ride your bike’ again.

Remember that listener in you, the one who hears your self talk everyday, has taken notes your entire life.  If you don’t start affirming the positives you either wish to see, or want to further improve, in yourself now – how will you ever learn? How will you feel that same freedom you felt of soaring down the sidewalk, with the wind grazing your cheeks, ear-to-ear smile, as you recognized your bike riding success? You must face this internal challenge and try, try, try.

The Biology of BeliefJumping on the theta waves.

The highly respected stem cell biologist Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, who is now a spiritually awakened writer and speaker, quotes extensive research in his glorious book The Biology of Belief (which bridges science, spirituality and our physical bodies) which – to me – backs up why positive affirmations aren’t just a “feel good thing” – but a necessity in daily life.

Apparently, between the age of two and six years old, our brains operate at the Theta Wave frequency – the same frequency a hypnotherapist uses to drop their patients into a suggestible and programmable state of mind. That essentially means whatever you heard, saw, and felt in that time period of your life – dove straight into your subconscious mind as a truth – it’s been recorded and stored there ever since.

As a toddler, you’re in that state because your subconscious mind needed to soak up as much information as possible to learn lessons from your family unit in order to help you later in life.  But being in the Theta Wave state of mind, meaning you were unwittingly programmed by all around you, you didn’t have the ability to filter out the negative from the positive.  So, there’s a high chance quite a bit of incorrect, false, negative and possibly hurtful “truths” got dropped into the deep bucket of your subconscious mind.

Whether you were directly told or simply overheard “Betsy’s a good for nothing” or “Jimmy’s not very smart”, or whatever variety of quick, off-the-cuff remarks from family, friends and authority figures – they’re now stored in that vast subconscious of yours – and you deep down think they’re all true.

An affirmation a day keeps the negative away!

So, an affirmation a day will help you unlearn those falsehoods. For some, they might not feel true at the start, but if it’s a loving, encouraging affirmation – please stick with it – and soon, through repetition, through trying, trying, trying – you will push through and finally feel the freedom you sorely deserve. That freedom of knowing you are perfect and beautiful just as you are.

I say affirmations to myself as soon as I wake up, as I brush my teeth, as I walk down the stairs, when I stretch, during yoga…whenever possible when I don’t need a totally quiet and still mind. And where ever possible, I say them out loud! So yes, some people might think I’ve lost my mind, but I know exactly where it is, so I just keep doing it 😉  What do I say to myself? Here, I’ll provide you with a few off the top of my head – hopefully they’ll be helpful to you as you begin to say positive affirmations each day:

apple-book-compressedI am love.
I am kind.
I am beautiful.
I am healthy.
I am abundant.
I am all accepting.
I am forgiving.

And the list goes on and on 🙂 How do you feel about affirmations? Do you think saying them is just like lying to yourself? Or do you agree, and see how saying them is like re-training your subconscious mind to be loving and kind to yourself? I’m keen to hear your thoughts, so please comment below.

Oh, and one more thing – if you haven’t read The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton – and the connection between science and spirituality is of keen interest to you – then be sure to get a copy now – it’s incredible!

8 thoughts on “A positive affirmation a day keeps the negative away.”

  1. Amazing….i do Yessudian yoga n it uses affirmations too….do it 🙂
    Love it
    u r the shining sun of your life 🙂

    1. Hi Ina, thank you so much for taking the time to visit – and that’s so wonderful you do affirmations while you do Yoga, what a great idea! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing xo

  2. I think it’s more of a conflict between what I fuel myself until now, it’s hard to say that 24 years of negative thinking will change so easily because sometimes I feel pain turns me back to old self. Plus I think I should somehow meditate more to be cautious of what I am saying to myself and others because I find myself so much complaining and being so ungrateful for all the good things I have received.
    More than that I try to find some positive music to listen to, because lyrics keep making me to reapeat them and some seems pretty negative. ( I was more listening to rock and music that song about unfulfilled love even though I had no relationship or friends so far.

    1. Hi Ovi, thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I think it’s a great idea that you’re meditating to be more mindful in your thoughts and actions. And of course, I agree, improving oneself isn’t a simple ‘overnight’ gimmick or flick of a switch — it’s a life long work in progress! However, it only takes one forward step, one loving action, one positive thought to keep that journey towards self worth & love going forward! It sounds like you’re self aware and doing what’s right for you – well done and keep it up! #biglove xo

  3. ishwar das baheti, India

    Everything that has been written here about the significance of Positive Affirmations in our life holds much water than we understand on superficial way. I am really much grateful to dear Mellisa for giving us an opportunity to bless us with such a useful and effective tool of Affirmations through this wonderful article.God bless you, your team members and all your associates with everlasting inspiring love, light, health and happiness.

    1. Hi Ishwar, you are very kind to check out this blog post and to write such wonderful words! Thank you so much! We are all blessed, and it’s the positivity & supportive intention from people like you that allows us all to share in the glory of love! Much love & light to you my friend! Namasate xo

  4. I feel all alone and sad because of my past, it have left a lot of sadness in my life
    I feel stress is a never ending issue, so many deaths of people very close to me
    I feel as if i am a unlucky person, for the entire year things have been terrible for me
    Being out of a job, every time i go for a interview something is not right……

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