Did you realise that a simple reaction can raise your self worth?

Thank you so much for stopping by, the last time we chatted we were working on un-procrastinating yourself by a little thing called ‘self worth’. There’s another step we can add into this process, so if you didn’t actually watch, listen or read my last blog post, the check it out here first.

What’s the next step?

The next step in the process to help un-procrastinate yourself – and build up that beautiful self worth of yours – is an action, or more a re-action. Why is this even important?

Because there’s a chance that – whether or not you realise – throughout the day you could be undoing all that good work you did at the beginning of the day! How so? Let’s give you a simple example (and don’t worry, I’ve done this myself in the past! LOL!):

You’re baking. And you accidentally put a cup of salt into your mixture instead of sugar. And while you’re mixing it around you realise and instantly react, “Stupid!” or “Idiot!” – even if you didn’t say the words, you may have thought them, or worse yet, felt them.  May I ask, who were you calling that name? Who were you talking to?

That’s right, yourself.

So in that one little moment, you actually put yourself one step further back in your goal of increasing that self worth of yours.

How do we fix this?

So, how do we fix it? Thankfully this process is so simple! All we need to do, when we realise that we’ve made that error of demeaning our self worth, is to simply react to it!

  1. When the issue arises, and you react in that negative way,
  2. Feel it (don’t deny your feelings) – be it anger, or upset, or irritation – but only for a moment.
  3. Then let it go.
    You let it go by recognising the emotion felt, and react with “Hold on, I did the best I could” or “I tried my hardest, I’ll try again.”  In that moment what you’re doing is — when the welling up of negativity comes — you’re allowing it to rise up like a puff of smoke and then dissipating it away!
  4. Be grateful for yourself.
    By you allowing that emotion to come up, and then say, “Hold on a minute, I did the best I could, it’s okay I’ll try again” then top if off by feeling gratitude for yourself.

When you combine the acknowledgement with the gratitude you end up ‘propping’ up your self worth. Almost like your self worth is a little child that went, “Uh-oh! I did a bad thing!” and you reacted, “I know you did your best, that’s okay, let’s try again” and you gave it a hug with your gratitude.

Remember, if you hold onto that anger or irritation it’s like dragging your self worth through the mud. And is that going to get you closer to your goal, or further away? I think you know the answer!

Here’s your next challenge!

So, here’s your next challenge – in addition to what you’ve already learned: as you go through your day, recognise the instances where you may have said, thought or felt a negative emotion that puts yourself down – stop, recognise it, feel and let it go – accept what happened and then be grateful.

I know this seems a really simple process, but when combined with the other step, these two things together will absolutely supercharge your motivation, and your procrastination will simply dissipate away! And you’ll start feeling amazing in the process! Good luck my sweet friends, and until next time, big love to you! #biglove

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