How To Deal With The Death Of A Pet

I don’t believe pets are just animals. When you have a pet, they become part of your family unit. You bond with them. You play with them. You do what you can  to take care of them. You comfort them. And vice versa. Just because they cannot form words as we do doesn’t make them any less deserving of your love – or any less a part of your family.

I know it's not easy...

When our beloved pet goes back to the light, it’s hard. Very hard. Essentially, you’ve just lost a member of your family.

I know this grief personally when my sweet kitty Twinkie went back to the light at the end of 2016. I was completely gutted. Everyday she sat (rolled, slept, fussed, purred) on her little red platform next to me while I worked. She was my buddy, my teacher, my friend – my family.

How do you best deal with this grief?

The first thing you must do is talk about it with a friend or family member.  It’s so important to get that sadness out – and vocalising how you feel is a brilliant way to do this.

Next, you need to feel that sadness but, then let it go. The heavy, sad feelings will recur, but each time – don’t deny them – allow yourself to feel them, then let it go. This process allows you to “cleanse” your energy of that sandess – not by avoiding – but by allowing the emotions to take their natural course through you.  

Then as you do this,  once you’ve hit that “exhausted” point in your grieving – I want you to consciously recall a positive, happy memory of your sweet pet.  This will help you raise your energy up to the higher vibration they’re now made of – so you can connect on an energetic level.  It might sound strange, but trust me – it works 🙂

When Twinkie crossed over, it honestly took me quite a while to let go of the grief – months even.  But every time I felt the sadness, I allowed myself to feel it – I was not going to deny my honest and pure feelings for the friend I just lost.

I sobbed. I cried. I felt guilty for what I thought I “could have, should have” done in the past. But then, as I felt myself coming to the end of that moment of grief –  I let the grief go.

Then began to infuse myself with my love for Twinkie. I would laugh at the memory of her silly antics (she used to put her paw on my mouth while I was reading at night – as though to “shoosh” me to say quiet), or a funny moment (when she kept her tongue fully extended for an hour after grooming), or a moment when she melted my heart (when she pushed and nestled her purring head in my hand as I fell asleep upon returning from a long absence away from home).

By this point, I’m no longer full of grief – I’m full of my love for her — and in that intertwining of higher energy — I am intertwined with her, at that moment. The sad energy was gone from my heart, and HER energy entered into it.  I owe her that space and I will always cherish her presence in my heart.

How do you let go?

Remember them for what you loved them for! This process won’t be easy – but it’s necessary. No matter what  happened, you did the best you could, and they know it.  If you need help with this process of opening your heart to love the memory of your pet, please watch or read my blog post about Loving Wholeheartedly here.

Let your emotions flow – so you can finally welcome their love & light into your heart. And then one day, that’s all you’ll feel when you think of them and feel their presence.

Pet Grief Meditation

What’s more, I created a pet grief meditation (video below) that helped me process my emotions so I could get to a point where I could welcome the higher vibration energy of Twinkie into my heart. I can honestly say that it was this process that has allowed me to maintain my beautiful connection with my girl – in her new form 🙂

I hope you found something in this post that’s been helpful for you during your grieving process. And if you know of anyone else who might benefit from these steps or my meditation, please share it with them.  I thank you for your time and for your kindness sweet friends. Big love x

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8 thoughts on “Coping with the Death of a Pet Isn’t Easy, But You Owe Them This…”

  1. Melissa,
    I greatly enjoyed your courses, your format and your lovely presence! I hope to engage more. Namaste!

  2. Melissa,

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ve sent it to a friend who lost his best friend just a few days ago. I sent him a distance healing that I hope helped as well.

    One question: our cat is getting old and frail. Is there anything I can do with/for her now that might help increase the likelihood of reconnecting to her after she passes?


    1. Hi Dave, thank you so much for stopping by and for sharing this with your friend who’s in need – bless <3 You are a good friend to support him through this difficult time! With your kitty - yes, just perform gentle scanning and do your best to me "eye to eye" contact with her. If you haven't already, you might want to look at taking my Pets & Animals Reiki course as the steps I teach in there are brilliant for increasing the connection we have with our pets while they're still with us. Thank you for all the good work you're doing sweet friend, big love!

      1. Hi Melissa,
        Thank you for the advice!
        Ha! I’ve already signed up for the Pets and Animals Reiki. After wandering around in other Reiki courses, I have settled in on your courses as being the core of how I want to pursue the rest of my Reiki and other energy courses from here on out. I am currently signed up for four of your courses and I am looking forward to even more. As a long-time instructor myself, I am just so impressed with the quality of the content and depth of your courses, including the way your delivery is, at the same time, both professional and nurturing. No, I’m afraid that I will be an albatross around your neck for quite some time to come… well, a long time considering that I’m arleady old!
        Again, thank you so much for how you have immersed yourself in providing such incredible training courses!

        1. Hi Dave, thank you so much for stopping by and you’re most welcome – I hope this was helpful! And thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot to me to know that you’re getting so much value from my courses (especially as a fellow instructor!) 🙂 It’s such an honour for me to be even a small part of this journey with you – keep shining that beautiful light of yours sweet friend! Big love!

  3. Hello dearest Melissa, so wonderful to hear from you! I misses our chats! I love this post, I don’t know if I told you, I also brought in pet bereavement in my Reiki Animal Healing, and it is so wonderful to see people walk out the door with a smile of happiness on their faces..I let them talk about their pain, I hold them when they cry, and then during the Reiki session, I work on their chakras, I have had so many amazing come backs re the healing…I also lost my to old ladies, Yorkie and Sausage dog girls, and in January I had to put my rescue Cackatoo (Yellow crested) to sleep. He was sick when we rescued him, and the amazing vet at the Exotic animal department at Onderste Poort University, treated him, she is the most amazing vet ever..and Macci were in the hospital for a week..(he has the bird flue virus) but in his stomach..not contagious, but suffer from enlarge stomach and stomach ulcers, every 10 days he had to get an injection. And it just become too much for my Batman Macci..I went away for a few weeks after he passed on, I couldn’t cope, although I am the one giving bereavement?? But the most amazing thing happened to me, as I walked on the beach 2 sparrows dip and dive so close to me I could have touched them, even people stopped to look, and I just knew it was Macci, so I asked..Macci is it you..and he said..”yes mommy..look Im flying in the rainbow clouds..can you see?? And I understand it was difficult for you, but you have given me my life back, I am free of pain, and know I loved you from the minute I saw you, and thank you for your care and love….Then a large white feather falls on my left foot..So yes, they are with us always, I am taking courses now for animal communication and pets and animals in the Afterlife..I feel I can help people and animals in different ways…Know your baby is always with you..Love and miss you..Big millions of hugs and kisses!! Angel greetings..Sunette XXXXX

    1. Hi Sunette, thank you so much for stopping by and yes – it’s been some time 🙂 I’m glad to hear you’re offering such a needed service to your clients, and thanks for sharing your amazing experience! Yes, they are always within us, thank you so much and keep spreading your love & light! #biglove x

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