One of the most important reasons you should meditate.

It only takes a moment

The intuitive part of ourselves nestles so deeply inside our material body that when it speaks, sometimes it’s just a “muffled” expression, or merely a whisper that we don’t hear.

To find true wisdom in yourself.

By meditating each day, even if for a few moments onlyyou allow its voice to be heard.

I know life is busy, and can be crazy at times, but of all the voices you listen to each day, please give that one the floor above all else.

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4 thoughts on “One of the most important reasons you should meditate.”

  1. Melissa,
    I could not agree with you more on your request “that we meditate each day.” Sometimes I will meditate in my home, phone off, sitting at my desk or when I lay down for a nap or before bed. The best meditation for me occurs when I am out in nature. I sit with my back against a tree, beside a small, natural spring pond. I go completely still, and I hold the suns reflection off the pond in my hands. This Energy just envelopes me, radiating out from my hands and into my body. I play with the light with my eyes. Sometimes I am so still, birds and squirrels will come to the pond to drink water. They are only a few feet from me. It is like I disappear and become the trees and grass and light around me. I love this feeling. I am so at peace. Thank you for taking time to remind all of us how important meditation is to our Beingness.

    1. Namaste Thomas, thank you so much for stopping by and bless! I absolutely love your description of nature meditation – to “become the trees and grass and light” is purely divine! The feeling you describe, going within and sitting with our divinity – becoming one with all – is a state that one always wants to get back to. It’s the state which balances us, releases our joy, balances us – that state *is* us! You are most welcome for everything! I’d like to thank *you* for choosing to walk this path of love & light with me my sweet fellow light-worker! Big love to you 💗

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